Lethal Performance FMIC Kit

Lethal Performance FMIC Kit: Replace your factory rubber charge pipe hoses with this high quality polished 6061 aluminum hard pipe upgrade kit. The Lethal Performance hard pipe upgrade kit for your 2015 Ecoboost Mustang will help prevent lost power and boost from the expansion of your factory rubber hoses. Our kit also gives you the ability to replace the factory recirculating blow off valve with a Turbosmart vent to atmosphere BOV.


-Works with JLT and other aftermarket intakes, other kits hit the JLT CAI heat shield
-Only kit on the market with a mounting tab for the factory wiring harness.
-Only kit on the market that comes 100% complete including vacuum line mod to properly install aftermarket BOV.
-Includes TS-0205-1131 Turbosmart BOV Vee Port Pro - Black (Vent to Atmosphere)
-Made from Polished 6061 mandrel bent aluminum
-High quality stainless T-Bolt clamps
-High quality silicone hose.
-Smoothly flowing pipe design (135deg bend all the way to the turbo boost exit point)
-Works with the stock I/C or the Lethal Performance I/C Upgrade

Every other kit on the market that we have seen uses a sharp silicone 90.

Lethal Performance 2015 Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost Intercooler Upgrade will lower boost temps which will increase HP and lower PCM intervention due to heat soak. Not only do you pick up HP, but it looks great showing through the bumper as well! The Lethal Performance intercooler is thicker, wider and taller than the stock unit which means it has much more surface area to dissipate all that heat the stock turbo is known for blowing out. Direct replacement for the stock intercooler.

-Made in USA
-100% Aluminum TIG welded construction
-Supports 550hp with minimal pressure drop
-Lower and more consistent charge temps
-Efficient high flow core design
-Compact design decreases power robbing "turbo-lag" common with using intercoolers too large for factory turbos
-High flow radius and tapered end-tank designed for low turbulence
-Ultra strong bolt-in design
-Works with factory and aftermarket piping
-Works with factory sensors
-Complete core is exposed to direct airflow unlike taller cores with half the airflow blocked by the bumper support.

Our kit is made from higher grade materials, is more aesthetically pleasing and will flow/perform better than the competition.

  • Item #: LP-2015ECOHPKIC
  • Manufacturer: Lethal Performance
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: LP-2015ECOHPKIC

Lethal Performance FMIC Kit

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