Hellion Twin Turbo Kit (Complete)

Complete System Includes injectors and HP Tuners tuning support - access to HP Tuning software required

Hellion Twin Turbo Kit:  The highly anticipated Hellion Twin Turbo system for the 2010-2012 SS Camaro is now available!


Hellion has developed the ultimate system to take the high performance SS to the next level


This bolt on-complete system has everything expected in a high performance twin turbo setup.  The twin 61mm Turbonetics turbos feed a safe 6 lbs of boost and produce an amazing 680 hp!  This is all possible without the need for aftermarket headers or exhaust.  This system is engineered for a perfect fit and an OEM appearance.  With a capability of over 1,000 hp, it will be the only performance add-on you need to buy.  Keep your revolutionary SS Camaro in front.



  • Item #: HPS-1014Camaro-Complete
  • Manufacturer: Hellion
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: HPS-1014Camaro-Complete

Hellion Twin Turbo Kit (Complete)

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